Latest Football News 2019 – 3 Players Who Can Replace Sergio Ramos's role at Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos, of course, has become a familiar name for football lovers. The 33-year-old Spaniard is a player who fills the defense in the Real Madrid Football Club for the past 10 years, the player who is the captain of the team has no doubt in his ability to fill the defense or assist his teammates in attacking the opponent's defense .

At the age of Ramos who is not young, of course, Real Madrid must be ready to look for new substitutes who are able to replace Ramos in Real Madrid, and certainly not an easy thing for Real Madrid to find a replacement who is able to replace Ramos's current position. But now many talented young players are considered capable of replacing the role of Ramos when it is time for these players to hang shoes. Here are 3 players who are considered capable of replacing Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid:

  • Eder Militao

The young player born in 1998 from Brazil is considered capable of replacing the role of Sergio Ramos who currently plays in the same club as Ramos. Because currently Ramos still dominates the defense of Real Madrid, he still does not have many opportunities to prove himself, but unlike Ramos he rarely plays rough in the field and coupled with his age that is still very easy, he has the opportunity to develop better than this time.

  • Milan Skriniar

The 24-year-old young player is currently playing for the Inter Milan club and filling the central defense of the club, at this time Manchester United and also Barcelona are reportedly eyeing this young player. He has an important figure in the Inter defense at this time.

  • Kalidou Koulibaly

The 28-year-old Frenchman has a very flexible ability to play football, he is able to fill the midfield position and survive in the match. This certainly fits in with how to play Ramos who is able to survive while providing assistance when attacking the opponent's defense. He is also known as a defender who is difficult to pass by an attacking player.

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